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Are You a Dog or a Cat Person?

You can be both.

As a society that is obsessed with lines and the crossing of said lines, we don’t seem to know how to draw very well, or understand how huge a blank sheet we and the world are.
If we did, there would be less uproars than we currently have about most things we argue about.

There would be no need for fights about women having to choose between being either a homemaker or a career-ambitious woman.
No need for being anxious about vulnerability when you aspire to be seen as strong or having it all together.
No need for having to do or be restricted to certain actions that clearly define your self as a he/she.
There would be no need to fret or be anxious about posting that tweet or writing that post because it would not fit into the line you have drawn and called, ‘you’.

You would realise that you can be both.
You can be a little of this and a little of that, and you can be all of it.
You could talk about serious stuff like racism, tech stuff like the just recent Apple launch, stuff like mental & emotional health and still find a way to squeeze in how you feel about the new food place down the road.

Don’t draw lines, paint spectra.
When we draw lines, we give ourselves a place to end, a limit we know and sometimes cross even before we realise and reel ourselves back in.
When we paint a spectrum, we give ourselves the space and permission to fall somewhere along that spectrum at different points in our lives and even day-to-day.
We allow ourselves to be an encompassing embodiment of what our type of human means to us.
And maybe if we allowed more of ourselves, we would be wiling to allow others more of themselves too.



I write about digital product design.

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Adaku Nwakanma

Adaku Nwakanma

I write about digital product design.