How To Be a Human

A how to guide for dogs, cats and other pet animals

We’ve always wondered about these tall beings who feed, bathe and sometimes weirdly clothe us.
What would it be like to live as they do? To see what they see from way up there?
What would it be like to be human?
I can tell you how right now,
You can be just as human as they are.
First thing you need to do is:


Yes I know you breathe too. But have you ever just stopped in the middle of something just to focus on this seemingly mundane activity called breathing? We suck in air just to keep our bodies going, but humans take the time, conscious of the air that passes in and out of their nostrils and sometimes they forget, but when they remember, return their attention to it again.
For some reason, it has a calming effect and an ability to make them transcend their humanity.

Are vulnerable.

Humans can put themselves out there for what they believe in.
Dog, I know you will say that you’re better than this than they are. And sometimes, I’m inclined to agree. But that’s not how humans were meant to be originally. Humans were supposed to be so much better at it than you are. But one day, someone held back.
And then everyone learnt to hold back.
And it’s just a mess everywhere. From most of their selves, their marriages to the entire society. It’s like a plague!
People don’t say what they really mean, people shrink to fit other peoples vision of themselves, people have emotional transactions and call it love, and call the very thing that makes them human, weakness.

Make mistakes.

But so do all of us. Sometimes cat, you tear the curtains and dog, you pooped where you weren’t supposed to until you learnt not to. Ant, you took so many wrong turns before finding what you were looking for.
Humans do they same. But some of them have become so afraid of making mistakes I’m sure I speak for all of us when we say we don’t understand it.
How do they get better?


Okay, okay, I know this is a difficult one for most of us. But that’s how humans built all of these things you see.
They know that one person can’t do it all, so they share their ideas and knowledge even to their detriment sometimes.
And relax, some of them have issues sharing their food and resources among themselves too.
It’s an animal thing.
However humans can rise above that — although it is becoming increasingly difficult for some of them — and we can too. We only need to learn and see ourselves in the next dog or cat or hamster across the table.

Doubt Themselves.

Only the foolish ones are 100% sure of themselves all the freaking time! But it seems those are the ones who get to be heard because of how loud they can get sometimes.
Imagine the irony.
Don’t we all know how it feels when we get one of those humans who feel they know it all.
Bark at them saying you want something or meow your displeasure and they tell you to shut up as if that’s what you wanted to do in the first place.

Humans doubt themselves, but they don’t let that stop them or make them feel less about themselves. They use their doubts to refine themselves and their work and become better than they ever were.

Are a force.

The earth, the wind, water and air are forces
Humans are too.
But sometimes even they don’t realize how powerful they are
Even when they doubt, make mistakes, do stupid shit,
Humans recognize their greatness.

Being a human is recognising awesomeness amidst many flaws and imperfections. They don’t let previous mistakes weigh them down and instead, learn from them and move on, flapping their legs with wide smiles across the beach while we tail them in the same manner, because that’s how we love them.

(a loud chorus of different animal sounds ensues)

(Narrator continues)

Now come to think of it, most of these things aren’t different from what we do.

Is it possible? *(The narrator exclaims in a Harry-Potter-like gasp)
Is it possible that we are the dog, cat and our own version of human??



I write about digital product design.

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Adaku Nwakanma

Adaku Nwakanma

I write about digital product design.