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The Time You Need

to become


Let’s begin.

I sit now wondering why I even needed to countdown before beginning this post. Why I didn't just dive right in.

It’s a bit theatrical — the way the time spent waiting for an action to begin increases the excitement of the one who watches. The expectation that a need is about to be satisfied, heavily present.

The one who wields this power, in this moment, has something that is becoming even more challenging to hold on to in one place, at one time, for long: your attention.

but its not always about the attention.

Other times, it is about momentum. That first swing, then the second, and finally, the third.
Nature is on your side, the laws of the universe are on your side, and you let go of that third swing with a greater force than you would have if you had let go the first time.

Swings are not always physical. Most times, they are mental. Like those moments when you practice saying all the words you would like to say to that one who got your attention on the bus today. Or practicing inflections of how a more confident you would sound like, or the mini checks that produce an enhanced gait. The beauty being that only you witness the numerous tries and the count down before the showdown.

However, sometimes you will flop physically because your body needs all the time to catch up to where you are mentally. You find that you need to countdown again and again, each try becoming more obvious than it was the last time. Not because you are so bad at it, but because you become more focused with intent.
And sometimes, the countdown is three hours, three days, and yet, it could be three years.

A lot happens in that time. Don’t doubt that there are changes that occur in that time. You only realise when the power of your strike begins to take full effect — all you’ve practiced for finally playing into your hands and manifesting out there, in the open for all to see.

And even when the heaviest billows threaten your roots, you may sway a little but you still stand, still. There was a time, nay, many times, when a slight wind shook you to your core and many more times when you struck out.

But today, today you look back and realise what changed.

You were counting down, not really for all things external; not for that job, that partner, not for that perfect situation.

You beautiful person, you were counting down for you.



I write about digital product design.

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Adaku Nwakanma

Adaku Nwakanma

I write about digital product design.